Starting New: Becoming a Morning Person (Part 1)

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely not a morning person.

Guess what? Neither am I!

The thought of seeing the crack of dawn horrifies me. Heck, waking up at 8 am in the morning is already a feat.

But society seems to favour morning people. We all know it – and try to deny it.

So, should we bother changing our sleep habits?

But first of all…

Why am I a night owl?

Determining whether you’re a “morning person” or a “night owl” is determined by our “chronotypes.” Think of it as your body’s internal clock. 50% of your chronotype is determined by genetics.

You may be thinking: Genetics? 50%? Looks like I’m set for life. No point in changing things now.

But let’s not forget the other 50% of what determines your chronotype: Habit.

However, changing your habits can be difficult. So you may be asking yourself:

Why should I become a morning person?

Here are the facts:

Morningness is associated with …

  • A more stable personality[1]
  • Greater subjective well-being[2]
  • Being more proactive[3]

Eveningness is associated with….

  • Increased susceptibility to depression[4]
  • Increased alcohol and stimulant use [5]
  • Fair or poor general health [6]

Of course, correlation does not necessarily assume causation.

So let’s think practically:

  • Our society favours morning people. Morning people are more alert at school/work. To be blunt, being a morning person helps you function in society.
  • Being a morning person implies having a constant sleep schedule, which pretty much means more sleep. Wouldn’t that be nice? To feel the same level of alertness everyday?
  • Waking up early gives you more time in the day to be productive. (More on developing successful morning habits next time)
  • Morning people start the day off calmer. Jump-out-of-bed-rush-out-the-door-rush? Why give yourself more stress than you need?

The verdict

Overall, it seems like being a morning person has more benefits than limitations. Morning people are generally happier, more productive, and more successful.

But not everyone is a morning person. Some people are night owls, no matter how hard they try to change it.

But hey, maybe being a morning person can work in your favour. It’s worth a shot, right?

So, are you ready for a change? If so, check out Part 2 for a step-by-step guide on how to become a morning person.








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