Gratitude Challenge #3: The Gratitude Journal


Exactly one year ago today, I started my very first Gratitude Journal. It was an attempt to live more in the moment. Some might think it’s silly but I wanted to know that had I died today, at least my last was a good one.


Now, looking back in retrospect, I’ve concluded the top three benefits of this quick yet impactful habit.


  1. A collection of old memories.

There’s no better book than your very own Gratitude Journal to stroll you down Memory Lane.  Flipping through your stack of joyous nostalgia moments every now and then can be oddly satisfying. There’s a certain sense of accomplishment that comes with writing in the Gratitude Journal. You hold in your hands a physical compilation of your own life’s data.


  1. A private, positive space.

Unlike many diaries where you end up ranting about so-and-so, the gratitude journal will force you into writing only positive things. It’s a safe environment for you to reflect and ponder. The Gratitude Journal helps you build an optimistic mindset so that you can start the day or end the night (depending on when you like to write) happy.


3. You realize your life isn’t as plain and mundane as you had thought.

BBQ Buns Though ❤

Some days are exciting while other days, admittedly, are quite lame. Yet there’s always something to be grateful for. You start to pick up on the small things that truly differentiate between one day from the next. Maybe you went for a jog that day or had a cup of tea. Perhaps you felt loved by your circle of friends. Either way, the Gratitude Journal helps you draw distinction from each and every single day. No longer does your life seem like a fogged up blink of an eye. Instead, it becomes a compartmentalized assemblage of uniquely coloured puzzle pieces for you to sit back and enjoy.


So, there you have it. The top three reasons why you should start a Gratitude Journal today.


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